UK Event Information

I hold numerous courses, classes and team building sessions that teach you to unlock your true potential!

Who are our courses & team building events for ?

These sessions support people from all walks of life and industries. I have clients from the corporate world, universities, schools, community groups, care homes and international retreats. 


Some have arranged courses with us for small specific groups who would benefit from specialised skills e.g. drivers, lone workers, shift workers, those who work in high risk areas or anyone who has suffered bereavement and physically challenged groups. 

What these courses teach?

We can teach your people unique & extensive methods to enhance the strength of your mind, body and emotional control. Learn how to fire up your spirit and drive to make the most from your day. You will create long term contentment, work satisfaction, productivity and how to create a more positive outlook & purpose in life.

Where are events held?

I host events mainly in London, Surrey and Kent. I have also hosted local events in your office & at hired venues as well as some international events in a range of sunny locations abroad including Asia & Europe if you want to go "all out".

Event types.

Each session will bring out the best in your staff. They can be seminars, classes, courses, events or one to one sessions. So next time you have a team building day, corporate away day, or want to organise a course, class, seminar or even an evening out for employees, consider devotional events for the latest range of life skills taught in a format that has a long lasting impact.


We like to stand out from others so our activities include a very unique blend..... from ninja style missions to mindfulness, dance style workouts for six pack abs & hard core boot camp days to softer yoga workouts for stress and restoration, sometimes coupled with tai-chi mini retreats.


You will find that we have laced together a huge range of disciplines... guided meditation, Self Exploration, Mind Body Connection, Mindfulness Meditation, Self-Empowerment, classic exercise, meditation, Self-Improvement exercises , Mindfulness, Qi Gong, Consciousness meditation, , self defence, seated/desk yoga/taichi and much more.


These workshop camps, events, seminars will teach you how to create a self that has razor sharp focus and positively on improving their internal and external world. Here are a few very popular sessions many ask for as a combined event:


Power Meditation- Helps create focused quick thinking individuals with the focus of a shaolin monk capable of solving difficult problems & managing stress easily. You will learn to eliminate unwanted thought processes of the mind & how to create a more empowered self. (Based on meditation, music, mindfulness, tai chi, yoga, NLP, games for the mind & other new modalities) Excellent for attaining amazing physical, mental and emotional strength without much physical effort.

Empowerment Seminars - Create confident strong minded people who are happy to face their fears & to create good communicators . (Using martial arts, power postures, assertiveness, advanced meditation, NLP, music, scenario based games & other new modalities) Excellent for the corporate world, students and small ambitious groups.

Self Defence & Protection - Why not try a street wise awareness conference or seminar based on concentration, awareness and self-defence in the wake of events in London. This seminar will keep your employees engaged and entertained. They will learn a number of ways to, defend, assert and develop  awareness in yourself. We teach methods to stay calm in the face of extreme danger. And knowing that one can defend themselves in a way that aligns well with their own beliefs and values, within the remit of the law can be a very empowering


Weight loss Sessions - A seminar, course or regular class that discusses the most effective ways to lose fat and attain a healthy/strong body. Learn exercises, tools and techniques to become super healthy safely. 

Community & Classic Events - Tai Chi/Qi Gong/Yoga for relaxation or empowerment, as a health system and focus enhancement. Seated versions also possible for those not able to practice a full range of motion, excellent for rehabilitation.