• Paul Tavares

Positive Affirmations - Find Yourself

1. I bask & relax to assist my mind to deeply relax.

2. I suggest & encourage all muscles within my body & my mind to relax.

3. My mind deserves the opportunity to relax just as it could when I was a baby; relaxed and calm in my mother’s womb.

4. I rest within a world full of transitions & changes to “set” ways & traditions.

5. I want to become fully aware of what ease, joy, love, happiness and peace feels like...I invite that awareness deep within.

6. I am far more in touch with the very essence of who I am.

7. I take myself away from what I believe I should want.

8, I create ideas, wants and plans aligned with my deeper positive resonance/desire.

9. I fully accept what resides here within my reality and I do my part to create wonderful things.

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