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Unusual side-effect of lockdown

Over time, our eyes are at risk of becoming badly strained following long stretches of computer usage and use of other display screens.

Lockdowns have forced us to change the way in which we work. They HAVE kept many vulnerable & high risk groups safe and covid19 free. And they are essential measures that had to be taken. However, many have suffered the side-effects, i.e. the stress associated with overworking so as to stay in work and even "burning the candle at both ends" in order to earn their keep. Yes, we need to take time out for ourselves, but not just to re-charge.... Look deeply at all aspects of your health.

If you are working at home for the first time, don't forget to give your eyes a break from the screen! Those who are self employed, who have had to quickly take their businesses online, may never have worked on a computer for long stretches at a time. So they may never have been trained in how to work on computers safely to preserve their eye health.

Eye strain has become far too common in 2020, with people working at home and not having properly assessed display screen equipment. Take breaks away from the screen every so often, make sure you focus on something that requires you to look into the distance at something less bright once in a while to take your eyes away from the artificial light....look out of a window at the trees or buildings around you. You could even print out a long document you are working on or reading and read it off paper rather that directly from your laptop.

For more detailed information on eye stress & strain, please read the following comprehensive information from Harvard Medical School click here. The letter gives a detailed description of how eyes are effected by excessive computer use and some extremely useful tips in bullet form.

Stay safe & healthy in every way you can!

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