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How can we empower ourselves following a lockdown?

If you are looking up at the heavens and wondering whether you can ever return to normal.....whether you can ever have normal thoughts, #emotions and #feelings about life again. I am here to tell you it is possible for you.

Our thoughts & perceptions create the sensations & emotions we experience within our bodies. Sometimes those thoughts and emotions run so deep into us that they become the very foundation of the way in which we show up and behave in the world. At this point in time numerous people have become caught in negative thought cycles & patterns of behaviour. #Stress, #worry, #uncertainty and #depression have become far too common. Meditation is just one single way in which one can achieve liberation from damaging cycles of being. It can help us to exert a deeper more powerful level of control over the overactive mind so as to understand how to break those thought cycles.

If you are new to meditation, simply sitting & observing your natural breathing rhythm can change the way you show us at a deep level. For a guided meditative process please visit: which links to a free video I created for #key #workers and anyone struggling during the start of the #pandemic.

This process encourages higher levels of #control and can be a deeply therapeutic process. If you are really struggling with this, go to the contact us page and message me, I would love to book in a consultation with you and help you out.

Best wishes,

Paul Tavares

Author of Power Meditation (Available on Amazon)

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